Specs and Component Failure

Joe explained it well. The contract with his crew was to do their best. If goals weren’t met, the accountability for the shortfall must go to their leaders. It is only the leader who is in a position to make the decisions that determine success or failure.

Alicia turned back to both Russ and Corey, the project leaders.

“So, Russ, you represent the engineering department, how do you respond?”

Russ had been quietly turning a brighter shade of red, and it wasn’t from embarrassment. “Look, it is my job to make sure that the technical requirements of the customer are met. If we make any material changes to the specifications and there is a component failure, we will take it on the chin in a lawsuit. By the way, I get a bonus at the end of every year that we are not involved in litigation.”

One thought on “Specs and Component Failure

  1. Gail Boenning

    Not sure how my brain is making this connection…

    In The Rise by Sarah Lewis, I read about the founder of Spanx — Sarah Blakely. The story relayed is that at dinner, Sarah’s father wanted to know what she and her brother had failed at that day. He made failure something to be honored and explored, rather than hidden.


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