Hiring Talent, Decoding Levels of Work in the Behavioral Interview
By Tom Foster
Hiring Talent is the only book on hiring that blends the research on Levels of Work with the discipline of behavioral interviewing. If you are not familiar with Levels of Work, not to worry, we will explain. The research on Levels of Work, pioneered by the late Elliott Jaques, is powerful science. The discipline of behavioral interviewing is the methodology for its application. This is the only book that puts these two ideas together in a practical framework for managers faced with Hiring Talent.

Social Power and the CEO: Leadership and Trust in a Sustainable Free Enterprise System
By Elliott Jaques
This was one of the last books published by Elliott Jaques before his death in 2003. It’s a very readable book describing the basic principles of Requisite Organization.


The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement
By Eli Goldratt
This is the book I recommend for managers to design systems in their work-flow. This is the source of Theory of Constraints. It makes common sense, but the moves are often counter-intuitive. Solid Stratum III systems thinking.


Bringing Out the Best in People
By Aubrey Daniels
The role of positive reinforcement. This is the science behind Dale Carnegie. Very powerful understanding useful to every manager. Explains the distinct difference between Motivation and Manipulation.

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