The Peter Principle

The Peter Principle

The Peter Principle

Dr. Laurence J. Peter published the The Peter Principle in 1969. While its approach is humorous, its truth is grounded in our collective management experience.

Its premise is that in management hierarchies, people, through their careers, continue to advance until they have been promoted one layer above their level of capability. They are promoted to their level of incompetence, where they stay until they retire. That is the Peter Principle. Dr. Peter has several suggestions for its causes and prescriptions for its solution.

It is interesting that he accurately describes the phenomena we find embedded in Elliott’s research. One reason for mismatches inside any organization is surely The Peter Principle, where people are inappropriately promoted or advanced beyond their capability.

3 thoughts on “The Peter Principle

  1. Sharon Kohan

    I rarely come across a topic in magement that I haven’t heard of in the past. However, I loved this article about the level of competence. I agree.

  2. Joel

    I agree that Peter Principle is true and it applies in normal occupational circumstances. However, there are ways to skyrocket individual powers to any level as ascribed from training and imprinting techniques controlling ICZ (Individual Character Zones) found from . They are powerful resources of Self-Improvement. As I said before, without any self-development methods, Peter Principle applies.

    Thank You very much for your nice post.

    Joel NN.

  3. Jeff Jobs

    The Peter Principle can be avoided by simply testing people before you promote them. They should undergo the same rigorous vetting and testing process that external hires go through to get a job.

    Only when they prove their worth in the new position should they get a definitive promotion.


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