Timespan 101

Purpose of this program – to provide in-depth discussions about the research of Elliott Jaques. This program includes online video, graphic depictions and narrative explanations about the basic principles contained in Elliott’s research.

How long is the program? The program is self-paced so participants can work through the program at their own convenience.

Who should participate? This program is designed for managers playing active roles at Stratum III-IV-V.

What is the cost? The program tuition is $100.

When is the program scheduled? This program is self-paced, on-demand, so participants can login on their own schedule.

How much time is required to participate in this program? Participants should reserve approximately 4 hours. Login access will be available for a minimum of one year from registration.

How do I sign up? Participants can pre-register using the form below.

Timespan 101

  • How to Use this Program

Elliott Jaques

  • Who The Hell is Elliott Jaques?

Organization Models

  • Requisite Organization vs. Comparative Models
  • Elliott Jaques Model
  • Elliott’s Conundrum

Time Span

  • States of Thinking
  • Population Statistics
  • Matches and MisMatches

Assessing Time Span

  • Internal Tools
  • Manager’s Diagnostic Interview

Organizational Things to Do

  • Level of Work
  • Matching Roles to People
  • Managerial Relationships
  • Cross-Functional Relationships
  • Internal Promotions

Moving to the Next Level

  • Organizational Growth
  • Beating Competition
  • Final Thoughts

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