Not a Personality Conflict

Russ made his point, that the contract called for certain technical specifications. He also declared his bias, that his bonus was based on the absence of litigation related to project specifications. Alicia turned to Corey.

“Corey, the team gets confused when they get conflicting direction from both you and Russ. Russ stated a good case that we have to stick to the specs. How do you respond?”

Corey’s face was terse. “It is my responsibility to make sure this project stays on track and on schedule. Sometimes we have to make a change to prevent delays. If we don’t make our schedule, we take it on the chin with a delay claim. By the way, I get a bonus at the end of the year when we have zero delay claims against us.”

Alicia looked at both Russ and Corey, then at the team.

“So, we have conflict here,” Alicia nodded. “This conflict was first described to me as a personality conflict, but, this does not look like a personality conflict to me.” She looked straight at the team, one by one. “So, what is the problem, here?”

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