COVID-19 is Shattering Your Culture

Culture is that unwritten set of rules that governs our required behavior, in the work that we do together. If it was written rules, that would be your standard operating procedures. Culture is largely unwritten.

It’s all about behavior. Of course there are ideals, beliefs and assumptions we hold that drive those behaviors, but culture is all about behavior.

Culture (ideals, beliefs and assumptions) are reinforced through customs and rituals. COVID-19 is shattering your culture, throwing you out of your rhythm. Look at your customs and rituals. Perhaps, now is the time to double-down on your customs, examine your rituals. What are you doing to hold your team together?

One thought on “COVID-19 is Shattering Your Culture

  1. Dr. Bill Kent

    Congratulations! You have said it all in three short paragraphs… the challenge is providing a positive environment when most employees are listening to media that are implying we all are going to die… soon!
    A normal level of fear is good and motivational; extreme fear creates anxiety and stress that is just plain BAD!
    Dr. Bill Kent
    Fort Lauderdale


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