In Conflict with an Official Rule?

“Why is culture important?” I asked.

“It’s the way things are,” Ryan explained. “It’s that unwritten set of rules that governs our behavior, that determines the way we work together.”

“And why is it important?” I repeated.

“Every company has a culture, whether they like or not. It’s an undercurrent, sometimes silent, sometimes outspoken.”

“And if there is an official rule that is in conflict with a cultural (unwritten) rule, which wins?”

“Culture always wins. For better or worse, culture always wins.”

One thought on “In Conflict with an Official Rule?

  1. Kurt Mees

    Company culture is an important part of the well being of the employees, change of company or mergers often bring along a change in culture, and thus working together.
    In my humble opinion, you can change rules and culture if you invest in good changemanagement and clear communication on why your need to change, and how. And as always, what in it for the employee.


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