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I Can’t Wait

I can’t wait to wake up in the morning, leap out of bed and head into work.**

  • What has to be waiting for you, at work, for that to happen?
  • What connections have to be there to create that mental state?
  • What importance is linked to the contribution you make, at work?

For a manager, it is not about motivating your team, it’s about team engagement, in the work that we do each day.
**Inspired by Dr. Bill Kent, HornerXpress, National Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award Winner

Our Best Work

“So, it’s not a control thing?” I asked.

“Wanting people back in the office sounds like a control directive,” Pablo replied. “I am sure some team members see it that way. But, your call to reassemble, physically in the workplace, is more of an invitation. It is an invitation to collaborate, to break bread, to share the workload and ideas.”

“You’re not going soft on me are you, Pablo?” I was curious.

“Not at all,” he replied. “When we are together, when we are safe, we can do our best work.”