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Hiring Criteria

“Tell me, Julian.  Why did you pick this person out of the candidate pool?  Is he really the best candidate for the open position on your team?” I asked.

“I don’t think you understand,” Julian replied. “I don’t only have to think about the best person for the job. I also have a budget to think about. I get a little spiff on gross margin, but my net to the bottom in my department makes up the biggest part of my bonus.”

“I am looking at the salary requirements of the three final candidates. They are all within the salary range for the position. Why did you pick this one? I know his salary requirement is $20,000 less than the other two candidates, but is that really why you picked him?”

“Well, the best candidate is the one from Missouri,” Julian explained. “Best experience, interviewed the best. He has already relocated here. But his salary requirements, that’s almost as much as I am making. I just don’t think we need that much horsepower in this role.”

“And, the candidate you picked?”

“You’re right, not as much experience, especially on the equipment system we use. He will require a little training, maybe some hand holding until he gets the hang of things.”

“And, this new candidate, if something happens to you, would he be able to take over your position in time?”

“Of course not,” Julian pushed back. “If something happened to me, it would be tough. The company would have to recruit someone from the outside. I have a big job. I wouldn’t be easy to replace me.”

Best Perspective of the Candidate

Byron was a bit unsettled. “Do you mean that I should read those resumes? I’m not the hiring manager,” he stated flatly.

“No, and we already established that the hiring manager is too close to the position, is threatened by the hire and does not have enough perspective to see the correct talent pool. That is why it is your role.”

“But, I am not the hiring manager,” he continued to protest.

“No, you are the Manager Once Removed. Are you threatened by this hire?” I asked.

“Well, no, this position is two levels down from me.”

“Exactly, and do you have better perspective on what is really required for success in this position?”

Byron nodded. “But reading resumes. I don’t have time to read resumes and this is not my hire.”

“I am not asking you to make the hire. That is still Ron’s job. Your role in the hiring process, as the Manager Once Removed, is to create the Talent Pool. You create the Talent Pool of qualified candidates. Ron makes the hire from the Pool.”