Act of Creation

From the Ask Tom mailbag –

I see the guidelines for creating a vision, but it seems a little far-fetched. Actually, I think most vision statements are far-fetched. They are too vague, or too warm and fuzzy. They describe a world that doesn’t exist.

Exactly, a world that doesn’t exist. Planning is about creating the future. And you are right, most vision statements are too vague. A vision statement should describe a specific point in time and should be detailed, rather than vague. Whenever I write a plan, my vision statement is often the longest part of the whole plan. It is detailed in its description of how things look and how things work. The more descriptive the vision, the easier the rest of planning steps flow.

One thought on “Act of Creation

  1. Micah

    What a concept – having a vision plan detailed and descriptive enough to let the team see the potential pitfalls and roadblocks. I’ve not seen one like that but I can see the power in it.


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