The Dark Side

“Do you think that a change in your thinking can change the outcome of the circumstances with your team? Do you believe that a thought has the power to do that?” I asked.

Dalton was slow to reply. “My brain tells me that is so, but this tightness in my chest has me off-balance. My head says yes, my body says no.”

“So, who is in charge?” I tilted my face. “You know the body is just a connected series of neurons charged up with hormones and other chemical cocktails it produces. If your body could talk, what would that tightness in your chest be telling your brain?”

Dalton started to laugh, proving, in spite of the circumstance, that he had a sense of humor. “My body would be saying – Brain, you are up against a really difficult problem. As your body, we know there is a possibility of failure, so we have served up some chemicals to prepare you for defeat. Brain, we know that you have aspirations to solve your problems, but the body knows better. Do you feel that tightness in your chest? That tightness is just our resistance to your aspirations. We have been driving that resistance all of your life, and that is why it feels so familiar. We know you have aspirations right now, but if you would just put those off until tomorrow, or even next week, we will release the tightness in your chest. In fact, if you could find a smaller aspiration, a smaller problem, we wouldn’t put up such a fuss.”

I nodded my own chuckle. “Where did you get that?”

Dalton nodded. “Star Wars.”

2 thoughts on “The Dark Side

  1. Dyllan

    Like characters in the series who struggle with the temptation of the Dark Side, individuals often face internal conflicts between their aspirations (symbolized by the brain) and their fears or doubts (symbolized by the body’s physical reactions). This analogy to “Star Wars” illustrates that personal battles with anxiety and resistance are akin to the battles faced by characters in the series who must choose between the Light Side and the Dark Side of the Force. The idea is that overcoming internal resistance and fear is necessary to achieve one’s goals, similar to how characters in “Star Wars” must overcome the lure of the Dark Side to achieve their objectives and remain on the path of the Light Side.


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