A Manager’s Fear

The room emptied out, but Paula stopped. “I am curious,” she said. “What changed? I thought we were in for a big fight?”

“You know, in the beginning,” Alicia replied. “I was afraid that things would get out of control and create more of a problem. But, as the meeting continued, I finally realized that the very things that could blow this team apart were the same things that could weld it together.”

Alicia grinned.  “I realized that I have to stop coddling people. This team doesn’t need coddling, they need leadership. And part of that leadership is that I am accountable for the results of the team.

“I am the one in position to know all of the changing circumstances reported by each team member. My authority is to select and deselect team members, make and change task assignments. Most importantly, I am the one accountable for those decisions.”

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