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From the Ask Tom mailbag –

You always talk about the five levels of management –

  • S-V – Business Unit President
  • S-IV – Integrator role
  • S-III – Single system manager
  • S-II – Coordinator, supervisor
  • S-I – Technician, production role

But my company is not that big. Do I have to have all these roles?

It depends. Depends on the size and complexity of your company. The five levels of management correspond to five different business platforms, any of which are perfectly acceptable as a business model. You can make money at any of these.

  • S-V – Industry platform, where our enterprise competes using industry standard practices.
  • S-IV – Market platform, where our multiple systems integrate with market systems.
  • S-III – Single serial system platform, where we see the introduction of warranties as a competitive edge.
  • S-II – Process implementation platform (of someone else’s system, like a franchisee).
  • S-I – Product or service, where it’s all about the product.

And any of these platforms are valid. Today, let’s start with S-I, product or service platform, where it’s all about the product. How many roles do you need?
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