“I spoke with John, he is going back to be a team leader,” Marissa explained. “He was relieved, said he never wanted the promotion to supervisor in the first place. He thought he was going to get fired in his new role.”

“And, what did you do about his compensation?” I asked.

“I took your advice. I am the one who made the mistake. He was already at the highest technician rate before his promotion, so there was only $1 an hour difference. I kept his pay at the supervisor rate. He shouldn’t have to pay for my mistake.”

“Most importantly, you are on the hook for finding a new supervisor, what are you going to do differently?”

2 thoughts on “Relieved

  1. Manu

    I was referred to this blog by Gail and I am happy to discover it.

    Your last 3 posts are so conversational and relatable!! I always thought that non-fiction writing should not have people and characters in it and the best you can do is give some examples. But your conversational style has brought out a new dimension in my thinking.

    Thank you.


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