Commitment or Compliance?

“I am not satisfied with things,” Emily said. “I know there is more to being a manager than management.”

“You have been a manager for a couple of years, now. What exactly, are you dissatisfied with?” I asked.

“There are times, when it seems, I am only able to get people to do what I want by forcing them to do it. By being a bully, or threatening. Not directly threatening, but, you know, do it or else.”

“And how does that work?”

“Not well,” she replied. “I may get some short term compliance, but as soon as I leave the room, it’s over.”

“Emily, the pressure that people are not willing to bring on themselves is the same pressure you are trying to tap into. If they are not willing to bring it on themselves, what makes you think you have the ability to overcome that?”

“But that’s my job, isn’t it?”


One thought on “Commitment or Compliance?

  1. Donna Marie Fico

    In the scheme of things, there are people on my staff that whose skill set is not conducive to the job; these are the ones who I cannot get to do what I am seeking. In a couple of cases, I have chosen to look the other way because the skill set they have works in an area of the job which involves helping people who are experiencing homelessness and not in managing of the operation.

    In other instances however I am working with staff members to see if they will acquiesce to the full role; if within a specified time they cannot, I will move to termination.

    I have learned to sharpen my hiring skills to avoid the “square peg in round hole” situation. Also our 90 day “probationary period” serves as a quick weeding out – if the person is simply not suited to the position.


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