Bonuses in Most Companies

“How else are you supposed to motivate people?” Reggie asked. “I look around at what other companies do and bonus systems are used almost everywhere.”

“Why do you think bonuses are used in most companies as a motivation tool?” I asked.

“Well, I just don’t know of any other way to get people to go the extra mile, to give their best effort,” Reggie defended.

“I think you have your answer.”

Reggie looked puzzled.

“That’s your answer,” I continued. “Most companies use bonus systems, because they don’t know any other ways to properly motivate their teams.”

2 thoughts on “Bonuses in Most Companies

  1. Randy Forst

    I’ve been in production managment for a long time and have found that most folks just want cash.
    Even when other things are offered…..they either ask for cash, or something that can be turned into cash.
    The most herd comment even after the company cookouts has been…” whatever this cost should have just been devided up between us…”

  2. Anonymous

    And as a leader, what if you know other ways, and your organization not only does not support those, but penalizes you for doing so…


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