6 thoughts on “Passing of Jerry Harvey

  1. Tim Newcome

    Jerry was inspiring in his own self-deprecating way. I learned a great deal about business and life from his ‘reporting’. Thank you, Jerry!

    1. Bruce Peters

      Had the opportunity to meet Jerry several times in the early 2000s.
      He was a master story teller, unique and provocative thinker.
      We could use in commentary in both the world of work and world.
      Would love to hear just one more time how we cure the “Anaclitic Depression Blues”
      and eliminate the increasingly frequent “Trips to Abilene”

      1. Tom Foster Post author

        Yes, Jerry had the patience with a crowd, to let his droll humor settle in. You would suddenly find yourself laughing with tears. My favorite line was, “People say there is no difference between men and women as managers. If you want to know the difference, just line ’em up outside and ask ’em to piss in the wind.”

  2. Kevin

    Inspired by your seminar, I just re-read “Abilene Paradox” and read for the first time “Fingerprints on the Knife.” They are brilliant and witty and relevant to organizations of all types. His chapter on Jaques, “Who the Hell is Elliot Jaques?” is the single best overview of the potential value of RO and how the theory has been received (or not) through the years.


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