Calibrating Level II Roles

From the Ask Tom mailbag:

How do you incorporate Time Span into a Role Description?

This is the second post in this series. Yesterday, we discussed Level I roles.

Level II Roles
Level II roles are populated by supervisors, coordinators, project managers. The problems solved and decisions made are longer in Time Span than Level I roles. Level II roles are concerned with the coordination of production with materials and equipment. It is a team orientation rather than individual orientation.

Level II roles are concerned not only with the organization of materials for the current working session, but the ordering of future materials, for next week, next month. Experienced Level II roles may be responsible for materials and equipment procurement for projects three to six months in the future. The most experienced Level II roles may be expected to work on projects up to 12 months in the future.

Since Level II roles are typically responsible for the assembly of people, materials and equipment, all in place, at the appropriate time. To be effective, their tools consist of schedules, checklists and conducting short meetings.

Tomorrow, we will look at Level III roles.
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