Incorporating Time Span into a Role Description

From the Ask Tom mailbag:

Can you give me an example of how you would incorporate Time Span in a job description?

In a role description, Time Span leads us to better understand the Level of Work in the role. Traditionally we describe the tasks and activities associated with the role, but rarely define the Level of Work.

In each level, we have to understand the nature of problems to be solved and the decisions to be made.

Level I Roles
Level I roles typically consist of individual direct output. This is where we find technicians, equipment operators, clerical, data entry. Team members in Level I roles receive task assignments from a supervisor, coordinator or designated manager. Most discretionary decisions revolve around pace and quality.

“Am I working fast enough to complete the assigned task in the time expected? Am I working carefully enough to meet the quality standard set for this task?”

The output of a Level I role is often the direct product or service experienced by your customer.

Team members in Level I roles may work in the same room with other people, but are rarely concerned with other teammates’ activities unless there are direct hand-offs of work tasks, one to another.

Work materials and equipment are organized only for the working session. Ordering additional work materials for future work, next week, next month, is generally outside the bounds of Level I, unless specifically authorized by min/max standards set by their manager.

Goals, or task assignments are generally expected to be completed within one day or a few days. Experienced team members may be expected to continue projects without supervision as long as a month. The most experienced team members in Level I roles may informally assist other team members in trial and error troubleshooting or modeling work routines or special skills and may be assigned projects as long as three months in length.

Tomorrow, we will look closer at Level II.
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One thought on “Incorporating Time Span into a Role Description

  1. mikecardus

    I found it striking that level 1 may work in the same room BUT are rarely concerned with team mates. I have experienced this many time. When called in to consult and lead to team development training for front-line staff. They enjoy the time BUT many of the concepts are not absorbed by them.


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