State of Confusion

“I just don’t understand,” said Chris. “Our productivity is on a downhill slide and when I walk the shop floor, not a single person seems to know what is going on. They all seem confused.”

“And who is responsible for the confusion?” I asked.

Chris stopped. He was hoping the answer had someone else’s name on it.

“Chris, high productivity does not come from a state of confusion. One of the most important activities of a manager is to create crystal clear expectations. Ambiguity kills productivity. So, what are you going to do?” I asked.

Chris’ mind began to churn. “I guess I am going to start by having a meeting to make sure everyone knows what is expected.” -TF

2 thoughts on “State of Confusion

  1. Harvey Weiss

    While I concur that the manager needs to convey expectations that are clear it would also be better if the organization had a good TQM program in place.
    Edward W Demings 14 points might also be applied in this case.

  2. Tom Foster

    I can tell from your comment that you are a systems person. TQM programs lend a systematic order to the “confusion” providing a platform for the manager to work from. Thanks for your comment.


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