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Make Assets Productive

Luis began an aggressive calling plan to get his money collected, put holds on new orders for customers who were past due and began requiring deposits on large orders. Nothing happened at first. Luis stayed off kilter for the better part of two weeks. Slowly, he calmed. Payments began to come in, not enough to have a party, but enough to breathe.

“Management is about making resources productive,” I repeated. The first thing to manage is capital. Next are your physical assets.

“Our building, our equipment?” Luis confirmed.

“The first decision is to decide what is necessary. You haven’t thought about that since this company was a start up. Back then, you thought about it a lot. You outsourced some production until you could afford your own machine. Then you bought a second machine. You moved into a new building so you could bring in a third machine.

“Now, you can’t keep the second machine busy. You tell me, what is necessary?”