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When Can You Start?

In the unfamiliar conference room, Ryan was nervous. He was early for his interview. Alone, he could smell the fresh polish on his shoes. His untouched coffee grew cold. The door swung wide, and in walked Drew, the hiring manager.

Drew was cordial enough, but distracted. He was in the middle of a meeting when Ryan’s arrival was announced. He had planned to prepare better for this interview, but time got away from him.

“Thanks for coming in,” Drew began, glancing over the resume. “We could use someone with your talents.”

Ryan’s professional resume was impressive. It was mostly true, with only some minor exaggerations. Drew glanced at his watch, wondering how long this interview would take. He was really busy this morning.

Ryan had practiced for this interview with a headhunter, so he was ready for the first three questions, verbatim from his role-play sessions. He had printed out and studied the company website, so he made it sound like he already worked there.

Working off the resume, Drew leaned forward. “Your last job is almost exactly like the opening we have here. I’m not making an offer, but when would you be available to start?”

Drew had made his decision in the first three minutes. He was about to make a fatal mistake.
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