Before Someone Finds Out

Saul was reluctant.  “Okay, you want to know what the work is for a project manager?  I’ll tell you.  You show up early, before everyone else, so it’s quiet and you can think.”

“That’s a good start,” I replied.  “What do you think about?”

“You get out the first project folder.  You don’t even have to open it,” Saul chuckled. 

I looked at him sideways.  “You don’t have to open it?”

“Of course not.  You already know what’s inside.  You better know what’s inside.  You sit there, in the quiet and think about what is going to happen today.  It’s a rehearsal.  What is going to happen, step by step?  Until you hit that ‘Oh, shit’ moment.  You imagine what you forgot yesterday that is going to settle out today.”

It was my turn to smile.  “It’s early in the morning, so you still have time to fix it.”

“Well, yes, fix it, of course,” Saul was deep in imagination.  “But, more importantly, fix it so no one finds out that you forgot something important.”

“So, that’s what you want your project managers to do?  Show up early and fix things so no one finds out?” I asked.

“Oh, hell no,”  Saul replied.

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