Cannot Continue This Way

“Our system creates predictability,” Ruben explained. “It creates predictability without stress. It allows us to do our maintenance at the best times, allows us to properly inspect our raw materials, test our setups accurately. Everything runs.”

“What are you going to do with Edmund?” I asked.

“He should never have been promoted to supervisor. He is a great technician, a great operator, our go-to guy. We don’t want to lose Edmund, but he cannot continue as supervisor.”

“What are you going to do with Edmund?” I repeated.

“I am going to assign him to a new role called Lead Technician. He won’t like it, and, right now, I run the risk of losing him. The job market is too fertile, lots of other companies would like to have Edmund.”

“How are you going to keep him from screwing things up, just because he has a new title? And how are you going to keep him.”

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