The Obligation

“Look, it didn’t take long after I started my company,” Pablo continued, “that there were three things up to me. No one else in the company has the obligations that I have –

  • First, I have the obligation to provide for the success of the company. It is my baby. I created it, no one else has the passion for it that I have.
  • Soon after, as headcount increased, I realized that the success of the company rested on the social good of the team members employed by the company. Without them, the enterprise would stall, and eventually die.
  • I also had to look at the larger context. I have an obligation to support and strengthen free enterprise. It is the capitalist political system that creates individual economic independence against the seduction of a centralized controlling government.

Pablo looked me square in the eye. “I come from a foreign country,” he said. “I have seen the other side.”

2 thoughts on “The Obligation

  1. Jason Harris

    Great message in this blog today. Our country and our youth is, by enlarged, being seduced by the desire for an easy life at the behest of the Government.

  2. Concerned Reader

    I don’t really disagree with this blog post, but…the previous response was unfortunately what I was afraid of seeing as a takeaway.

    I would argue that so much of big business culture in the United States, “by enlarged,” is being seduced by the desire for cheap labor, massive tax breaks, and lack of regulation at the behest of the Government.

    Remember back in the good old days when the corporate tax rate was 50% and businesses helped fund the infrastructure they rely on from the government to do their business?

    Please don’t look down at “youth” or any other age group as freeloaders when you’re sitting on top of the pedestal and forgetting about how much community (and government!) support you received to get you to where you are today. That mindset goes directly against the second obligation bullet in this blog post.


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