Habits of Success?

In my last post, A Level of Competence, I ended with an unspoken question.

What habits do you have that support your success? I am curious to hear from you, so post a comment or reply by email. I will collect, manicure and re-post.

Here are two of my habits.

  • Each morning, I fix a cup of coffee, and spend 60-90 minutes writing. This is where the blog comes from, as well as email correspondence with other thought leaders.
  • When I drive an automobile, I do NOT listen to the radio, only podcasts or I simply drive and think.

What are your habits?

5 thoughts on “Habits of Success?

  1. Larry Stamper

    Good Morning Tom,
    I use my calendar. As soon as I wake up, I take a quick peek as I prepare for the day/week ahead.
    My thoughts follow me through my morning routine and my drive to work. This helps me to prioritize my daily plan right down to how I dress.
    This is also a great opportunity to inspire others as I try to lead by example. I’m a firm believer in the old adage.. “An ounce of planning is worth a pound of cure”!

    Thanks again for your daily blogs, training and inspiration.

  2. Bruce Peters

    Love your habits and the question you’re asking.
    I’ve a couple I’d like to share
    My day like yours starts with a cup of coffee (or more). While drinking
    I write in my journal by asking this question ” what will I do today to use my gifts to make a positive difference in someone’s life?”
    At the end of the day I journal by answering this question. “What is the actual positive difference I made today in someone else’s life?”
    On occasion I shake things up by asking and answering a couple of additional questions:
    “What is the one question if asked and answered that would make it impossible for me to remain as I am?” or
    “What would a person who truly loved themselves and others be doing right now?” or
    “What would I be doing today if I truly believed that my life mattered and that I could have anything that I want”?
    There are others but enough for now.

  3. Paul Dill

    I awake at 4:45am every morning. 4 out of 5 week days I go to the Orange Theory fitness at 6am where the thought train stops and I purely focus on what I’m doing and the energy of the people I work out with. It’s the 1 hour a day that my brain can take a break! I walk out spent, and focus on how I feel post workout in the car, stop and get my coffee on the way to work. While I’m still cooling down I check my calendar for the day, and then hit the shower; where my brain shifts gears. Yep, its convenient to have a shower at work. This is when I feel the uptick in energy and it feeds the energy throughout the rest of the day. Shower and a breakfast; I spend that time focusing on what I want to accomplish through the day. Most of the time that’s in coaching the team and development. I create that mental list that I can check off as I go through the day. For me, starting every morning I can with a clear mind and an intense workout feeds that energy and helps set up the day.

  4. Justine

    Hey Tom,
    I listen to meditation music first thing in the morning when I wake up so I can start with a form of clearing the mind. I make sure that I am able to have a view out the door or window of a tree or nature. This allows me to find a calm place to start my day with thinking of nothing but pure internal happiness.
    Another habit would be setting daily goals personal or professional. Putting them down on a piece of paper to remind you of what you wanted to achieve throughout the day.


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