It’s Over, TRUMP WINS!

Earlier this year, two sharks entered the water, complete with the most sophisticated tracking ever witnessed by the human race. And sharks do what sharks do. We watched, and we wondered, and we watched some more. But it’s over and TRUMP WINS.


On Monday, Sept. 26, as the human candidates took the stage for their first debate, Nova Southeastern University (NSU) researchers starting tracking the Clinton Shark (motto – “Swimming Stronger Together”) and the Trump Shark (motto – “Mako America Great Again”) as they did what mako sharks do, they swam, like sharks.

After logging mile after mile from September 26 through noon, Fri. Nov. 4, 2016, the Trump Shark beat the Clinton Shark 652.44 miles to 510.07 miles. TRUMP WINS!

The project is the brain child of NSU’s Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography. They have a web-based tracking map so you can track each candidates surrogate shark throughout the race.

Florida has the largest reef system in the continental United States and the third largest barrier reef ecosystem in the world. Last Friday, five universities met in Fort Lauderdale to create a new Marine Research Hub based in South Florida. #makoprediction is a project to draw attention to this conservation effort. And, to lighten things up a bit before everyone votes tomorrow. -Tom

2 thoughts on “It’s Over, TRUMP WINS!

  1. Misty Vogel

    Eh – I’m not convinced. Maybe the Trump Shark just traveled further because he was over-zealous in preying upon as many in the “sea” as possible. Maybe the Clinton Shark traveled less for the sake of truly engaging with the constituents she encountered. Maybe the Trump Shark lacked the know-how to work smarter rather than harder like the Clinton Shark’s lifetime had equipped her to do. Then again, maybe not – we shall see come Wednesday… God Bless the U.S.A..

  2. Barry Linetsky

    Very appropriate, I think, that sharks were used as surrogate politicians. Predators praying on smaller fish. LOL. Thanks for sharing.


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