What to Delegate, What to Self-Perform?

From the Ask Tom mailbag –

Here is what I have noticed about levels of work. When a leader works at a lower (incorrect) level, he/she actually destroys value in the people on the team. The team becomes frustrated and honestly sometimes, lazy, because the boss will come in and do the work anyway.

Most managers have difficulty delegating because they don’t understand the level of work in the task. Identifying level of work tells the manager specifically what tasks can effectively be delegated and what tasks must be self-performed. In the delegation, level of work tells the manager what decisions, authority and accountability can reasonably be expected. This understanding allows managers to engage in higher levels of system design, planning and problem prevention.

2 thoughts on “What to Delegate, What to Self-Perform?

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  2. Sheldyn Himle

    I once read something that resonated with me, related to delegating. “Do the work that only you can do.”
    If someone else can do the work, it should be delegated. It’s really the same principal as described above.


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