The Symptom Goes Underground to Fester

WHY I wrote Outbound Air

Every company wants to go to the next level. Most have no clue what the next level is. This model provides guidance, anticipates predictable challenges and provides solutions to assist from one level to the next.

_______________Stable – challenge is sustaining the machine, relevance to the market
____________Prime – multiple systems/sub-systems integration
_________Adolescence – internal focus on system creation
______Go-Go – define and document methods and processes
___Infancy – focus on sales, production, find a (any) customer

This model guides us in the creation of structure. Organizational structure is the defined accountability and authority in the working relationships of the team. As the organization winds its way through these stages, its challenges assume false appearances, symptoms. Most think they have a communication problem or a personality conflict. They fall prey to resolving the symptom that only goes underground to fester.

It is only when the organization understands structure, that it can begin to define the accountability and authority necessary to get work done and that is WHY I wrote Outbound Air

A detailed version of this model (SI-SVII) is contained in the appendix of Outbound Air. This model is adapted from a comparative study of two models, Corporate Lifecycles, Ichak Adizes and Requisite Organization, Dr. Elliott Jaques.

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