The Decision is Yours

Victor was staring at the floor, head cupped in both hands. “What a stupid decision.” He was quiet. I was quiet. Silence can do a lot of heavy lifting.

Finally, he continued. “I want to involve my team in decision making. But when we take a vote, they often make the wrong decision. As their manager, I feel like a heel, going against their vote. But I don’t want to let them do something stupid and waste a bunch of time.” He lifted his head.

“Victor, first, do not let them vote. Between you and your boss, who is accountable for this decision?”

“Well, I am,” he said.

“If you are held accountable for the decision, then you have to make the decision. You can involve your team, ask them for input, but you are the manager, the decision is yours to make. Here is what this sounds like to your team.

“Hey, Team. As your manager, I have a decision to make. This is an important decision and will have an impact on every team member here. So, I want to you to help me consider all the angles. After I consider your input, I have to make this decision. When I do make this decision, I will need your support and your full efforts to make this happen. So, who has the first idea?

“Victor, understand, people will support a world they help to create, even if it is not totally their idea. You should involve them, but the decision is yours.”

One thought on “The Decision is Yours

  1. Edi Holderman

    Years ago I was reminded by a Visatge Chair that there are three basic decisions managers make.
    1. Cammand decision – one the manager makes becasue they have the knowledge and authority to make the decision. Othen this is related to sense of urgency also. Think of a military commander who has to call the shots.
    2. Consulting decision which is what you talked about in this blog. A time you want to get input from others, the input you can ponder in making the decision. It is still your decision to make.
    2. Consensus decsion when it is important to get everyone’s buy in and agreement on the end result. Perhaps what color to paint a wall, or whether to have pizza for lunch rahter than sub sandqiches.

    All are important to the managers tool box. Just important to ask first what kind of decision do I need to make.

    Thanks for the reminder.


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