Is Learning Important?

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While actual tactile past experience is necessary to understand capability. Wouldn’t we also be looking for information on adaptability? Possibly ferreting out a task as you have mentioned might have been out of their wheel house and what they did to overcome that?

I am still learning and adapting everyday. Just like a company I believe that if I am not growing I am dying on the vine. To me, that quality is just as valuable as what a person has accomplished, depending of course on specific immediate needs, how soon you are expecting results and what you are ultimately grooming for. I like to think that I am hiring a seed, not a tree.

Don’t try to draw me into asking a future based question or a hypothetical question. You may think you are asking about learning or grooming, but, you are falling into a trap where the candidate can make up stuff and lie.

If learning is important (and most often, it is), ask specifically about something learned in the past.

  • Tell me about a time when you had to learn something new, something significant, on a project.
  • What was the project about?
  • What did you have to learn?
  • How did you learn what you needed to know?
  • How did you apply what you learned?
  • What was different?
  • what was the result?

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