Third Egg Strategy

I have to share with you, a new blog posted by my favorite guru of Customer Service, Howard Hyden. I have been a fan of his ideas for more than a decade. Good stuff. This is his first post.

The Third Egg Strategy
I met a client for breakfast at a coffee shop close to his company where we were greeted with a long line. He indicated that this place was always packed in the morning and a typical wait would be 15 to 20 minutes. He also indicated that there was another coffee shop not far down the street that was always half-empty. Read More.

One thought on “Third Egg Strategy

  1. BJ Barone

    41 West is a Designer/Builder of custom homes and condo remodeler in Napes, Florida. We are blessed with a very exclusive client community and are totally client focused. 41 West clients experience the highest level of service from a personal relationship built upon value and trust. 41 West has many “third egg strategies”. A 41 West client is a client for life. One of our most popular “thid eggs” is our “41 West Handyman for a Day”. Each client is offered one of our skilled tradesman for a day of free labor. They would normally pay $600, but one day a year they can have our man to hang paintings, mirrors, adjust doors, install fixtures, do small repairs, anything that doesn’t require a permit and can be accomplished in less than 8 hours. This has been a big hit!


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