Immediate Corrective Action

“I am in the best position to judge the pace and quality from our production team,” Gail explained. “My control system collects the data and I get that report.”

“And when you get that report, if the pace is behind, what can you do about it?” I asked.

“I can call a production meeting and stress how important it is that we stay on track.” Gail stopped. “It seems I have those meetings every couple of days.”

“Why don’t you stop? Stop the meetings?”

“I can’t do that,” she gasped. “All hell would break loose and the team would never know how behind they are.”

“I thought you said you had a control system that monitored production output? Why don’t you let your team monitor the control system, and not every couple of days, let them monitor it in real time?”

Gail was almost trembling. In her mind, she was losing control.

“Gail, who is in the best position to take immediate corrective action if we are behind schedule? The only thing you can do is call a meeting.”

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