Control Systems and Feedback Loops

“So, let’s make the list. As you look at your control system, what makes it less effective?” I pressed.

“You talked about delay,” Ronnie replied. “You are right, delay makes the control system less effective. But, updating more often, is going to take up too much time for my manager.”

“But DELAY still makes the list,” I insisted.

“Okay,” Ronnie relented. “But I don’t see how my manager can do more.”

“Then, let’s have your manager do less. After all, if there is a problem with production, who is in the best position to take corrective action?”

“Well, the corrective action would be taken by the team.”

“Then, why don’t we change this control system into a feedback loop? Why don’t we have the feedback loop tell the team, and why don’t we run the feedback loop in real time? The manager just gets in the way.”

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