Permanent and Temporary

What changes have become permanent and what changes are only temporary? As we live in this science-fiction movie, we think, at some point, the movie will be over, we can walk into the sunshine and everything will be normal again.

It is too easy to think that things are temporary, when some things will never return to the way they were. So, some things require only a short-lived adjustment, an accommodation. AND, some things will require new habits.

If it is temporary, we can live with a small discomfort, an awkward way. If the change is permanent, we better figure out a better way and get really good at dealing with it.

One thought on “Permanent and Temporary

  1. Jeff Stern

    The start if the answer to the temp/perm question is having a metric system in place to be able to measure the key 3 (unit cost/time/quality) as opposed to relying on anecdotes. Some roles….and some people(!)…maybe just as productive in a remote environment. Managers need to be creating a process now that takes into account proven productivity, the health and safety of their employees and financial needs to prepare to reopen.


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