Sort of Restless

“I have been sort of restless,” Miguel started.

“Drop the sort of,” I clarified. “You are either restless or not restless, which is it?”

“I am restless.”

“About what?” I probed.

“I have been a supervisor, here, for three years, now. Things are running pretty smooth. At times, I am a little bored. Ready to tackle something bigger,” Miguel thought out loud.

“So, why haven’t you done anything about it?”

“Well, that would be, like asking for more work to do, a complicated project. Right now, I have it pretty easy, not a lot of risk.”

“Some people are satisfied, living with a problem,” I stared at Miguel, “rather than creating a solution that would require them to change.”

One thought on “Sort of Restless

  1. Mark Thornburg

    Ah, complacency, the enemy of so many things. Growth, risk, continuous improvement, exploration/discovery, learning, and on and on. Of course most of the responsibility to overcome complacency lies with the individual him/herself although organizations can and should create an environment to support appropriate risk-taking and provide opportunities for challenge and growth without unduly burdening the employees.


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