The Hat Trick for Every Manager

Michael Cardus has a new URL to his Team Building site. Yesterday, he was curious and posed the following question.

Is Time Span capability something you are born with? Or is it learned? Can it be taught?

Nature or Nurture. The short answer is nature. We are born with our innate capability curve, which can be measured in Time Span.

The longer answer is that we can only see a person’s Applied Capability. Applied Capability, what a person demonstrates, at work, at home can be dramatically affected by education, skill development and training. I may have the capability to perform a function at work, but without the proper skills training, you will never see it.

The hat trick for every manager, working with a team member, is to discover that potential, so we can see it.

One thought on “The Hat Trick for Every Manager

  1. Suzanne Panico

    Someone may have the potential but not the desire. This is an important part of the formula often left out it seems.


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