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I just got back from a road trip to Pennsylvania, working with two groups on the research of Elliott Jaques. As part of the workshop, we spent time looking at their biggest managerial issues.

Accountability. Accountability was a big one.

  • We find out a project is behind schedule. How do we get it back on track without being a bully?
  • Some defects in finished goods make it into the hands of our customers. How can we get our team members more focused on quality when we aren’t around to check?
  • How do we make our control systems more effective, without looking like a police force?

The next Subject Area in Working Leadership Online is Accountability – Control Systems and Feedback Loops. We are opening 50 Introductory Memberships (Free) for this program. If you would like to get on the list, please let me know. This program kicks off next Tuesday, June 1, so sign up today.

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