Teach Each Other

“Alright, so I should have members of my team inspect their own work for accuracy. How do I know they will do the right thing?” Daniele asked. “These files are important and they have to be right. The feds could shut us down if they believe we aren’t in compliance.”

“Does your team know what the standards are?” I replied.

“Well, they should. Every one of them went through an orientation when they started to work here. And we have our quality sessions where I tell them what the auditor found that was wrong.”

I smiled. “Daniele, have you considered that when your team members went through your orientation, they were disoriented and may not remember all the details? Do you think we might go over that again. I looked at your orientation manual, it looks like there are five major sections to these files. You have five people on your team. Do you think you might divide things up?”

“You mean, have the team members teach each other?” Daniele gasped.

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