Not the Time to be a Superhero

“You have two out of five manager positions in place on a daily basis, so when you have a problem, you think you are fixing it when you are NOT fixing it,” I offered.

“What do you mean?” Derrick asked.

“When you have a problem, you think you are fixing it. In fact, you have a supervisor in play to make sure the problem gets fixed.”

“So, the problem is fixed,” Derrick insisted.

“No, the problem is fixed, but the system is still broken. You are missing three of five Managers, so you are not paying proper attention to your systems.

“You see, Derrick, when you have a problem, everyone scrambles to fix the problem. Even experienced Managers put on their superhero cape and leap in front of their biggest customer to save the day.

“What they need to focus on,” I continued, “is not the problem. They need to focus on the system. Why didn’t the system prevent that problem? Or at least mitigate the damage from the problem? Their role is NOT to fix the problem, but to fix the system.” -TF

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