Rules for the Magic Pill

Prescription Instructions

  1. The magic pill must be taken, by managers, once per week, on Monday.
  2. The magic pill has no effect on the manager during the week until 40 work hours have been logged.
  3. Once 40 work hours have been logged, the magic pill prevents the manager from thinking about work activities.
  4. Blackberries and remote email are considered work activities by the magic pill.
  5. If the manager persists in thinking about work activities, the magic pill will shut down conscious thought and make the subject sleep for a temporary period (naptime).
  6. In most cases, the magic pill has been shown to change the work habits of managers, who now know they must be effective within 40 work hours per week.
  7. In clinical trials, in some cases, side effects of the magic pill have improved family and social activities.

Think about this magic pill. If you took the magic pill, what habits would you change to become more effective? -TF

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