Competence in Hiring

I could see Marianna was still kicking this around in her head. “But, I have so much to do. Sitting down to spend uninterrupted time working on this role description, well, it’s just time I don’t have.”

“Time is not something you have or don’t have. You have the same time that everyone else has. The only difference is how you choose to spend that time,” I replied.

“Most of the time I don’t have a choice about the things that I do,” Marianna complained.

“So, you made a choice to allow circumstances around you dictate the actions you take. The fix is in on how you spend your time.”

“But, I don’t hire often enough to get good at. That is why sometimes I end up relying on hope. I hope the candidate can do what they say.”

“That’s why it is important to practice, to spend time, to get more competent in the hiring process. The less competent you are, the more likely you will lean on an unsuitable crutch. The less competent you are, the more likely you will be open to predators feeding on your weakness.”

Marianna was uncomfortable. “So, how do I act stronger in the interview?”

“It is not a matter of acting, it is not a matter of being strong. It is a matter of being more competent. There is no trick, no trap, just hard work on your part. Choose to spend your time, to practice, to become more competent at hiring and your life, as a manager, will be wonderful. Choose poorly and your life will be miserable.”
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