In Memorium, Francis X. Maguire

Many of our readers are attached one way or another to an organization called Vistage (formerly TEC). Every month, the members of each group around the world gather together to listen. They are visited by a resource speaker, who has a story to tell about management, about building a company.

Frank Maguire was on his way to tell his story, one last time. He died with his boots on.

Bud Carter, a Chair in Atlanta, in an email last night, described Frank, “a unique man whose professional life began as a late night disc-jockey in New York City, led him to serve in the Kennedy White House, work for the ABC network (hiring Ted Koppel), to be on the ground floor side-by-side with Fred Smith during the Fed Ex start-up, and there with Colonel Sanders when he sold.”

We will miss him on the circuit. Rest in Peace, Francis X. Maguire.

10 thoughts on “In Memorium, Francis X. Maguire

  1. Elise Hunter

    I will miss Frank with every part of my heart….to hear him say one more time “You’re the GREATEST” would be awesome. I spoke with Frank about a month ago and he was full of life, healthy, happy and well, Just Frank!

    Rest in Peace Frank. I will miss you forever!

  2. Gary Ostermueller

    I am glad you passed this sad news along. I enjoyed Frank’s talk to our Vistage group and his book. His stories, while amusing, told a great truth about business and life.

  3. Dick Bentley

    I had the privilege of meeting Frank earlier this year at our Vistage meeting. He was positive, energetic, & entertaining with a great attitude towards life. I am sorry to hear of his passing. He certainly will be missed.

  4. Jim Zinger

    Frank was truely one of the Greatest. If you new him you loved him, he was all hart and I will always be thankful for the time we shared as friends and Gold Coast members.

  5. Neill Newton

    Frank – I wrote this on your Facebook page. “You took me under your wing when I moved to Memphis from Australia, and helped me reach success as a speaker and author. When I launched Global Flying Hospitals, you were my cheerleader. I still have your photographs you gave me of you and Colonel Sanders. You are in my heart forever … and now … in Heaven forever”.

  6. Bill Catlette

    I am one of those who benefited immensely from being invited into Frank’s life. Among other things, he taught me that leaders need more heart than brains.

    I’m sure of one thing – just before he passed away, his seat mates aboard that American Airlines jet were listening and laughing. God bless you Frank.

  7. Jim Burke

    I and my associate, G.E. “Russ” Russel got ot know and interact with Frank during the late 70’s , early “80’s in Memphis. Along with the dynamic Holiday Inns executive Ed Phillipy we were able to accomplish much within that community. Frank, you were the greatest.

  8. Bruce Rueger

    I just discovered that Frank had passed. He was a good friend and mentor. He will be missed by me and my family.

  9. Dick McCormac

    Dick McCormack says:
    July 17.2011

    Frank and I would call each other every other year. We had been close since the Kennedy- Shriver years. “Hey,Frank, how they goin’?” “Dickie, couldn’t be better. A few health problems but you should know, you’re 25 years older than I am.” “How’s the lovely Carmen? Dick she’s the best thing that ever happened to me,”
    It was the mid-sixties when I met Frank. I needed a good PR man to help Sarge Shriver get the “Poverty Program” going. Frank came aboard and showed Washington how to make things suceed and grow. Those years were the best

    Frank, You were like my ninth kid. I love you and I’ll miss you.

  10. Douglas Vermeeren

    Was just thinking about Frank today. He was like my second grandpa at times. I was so fortune to have him in my life. Amazing wisdom and genuine friendship. I was so honoured to have him in my movie The Opus and always regretted not capturing more of his wisdom in that project. frank, You are the greatest!


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