“But, I want to improve,” Barbara stated, flatly. “If there is an area, where I need improvement, or where I make mistakes, I want to focus on that.”

“Indeed, if you are an ice skater,” I replied, “and your laces are untied, you are likely to take a nasty spill. So get your laces tied, tightly, so they don’t trip you up. But getting your laces tied, does not make you a champion ice skater.” -TF

2 thoughts on “Focus

  1. eddie padilla

    I believe there is a difference between being ready and focus on areas to improve.
    Tying your laces and cheking that you are wearing the proper gear is part of being ready. Which is total different than practice a particular drill and focus on for months in order to improve. The commiment of being ready and practicing to improve may be the right path to become a champion contender.

  2. Tom Foster

    I specifically like your reference to practice a drill. Often, we think we know what to do, in our heads, but we haven’t practiced it. When the opportunity to deploy happens, we rarely have the time to think things through. We have to respond. We will respond only in those ways we have practiced and are comfortable with. Especially when the pressure is on.


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